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Energy Efficiency and Solar Systems

 What’s most important to you?
 Is it saving money on your electric bill?  Is it reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, particularly foreign oil? Or is it simply a sense of doing the right thing; conserving our limited resources for future generations and reducing our impact on the environment – our “carbon footprint”?

 The good news of course is that any one of these objectives will also realize the others, meaning that you and I and everyone else get to benefit from the decisions you make after visiting our website and becoming an Energy Wise customer.

Broadly speaking – there are two ways to achieve these objectives.

One is Energy “Efficiency” – Using less. The other is Energy “Production” – Generating your own. (Solar Electric – PV)

Most energy efficiency decisions are made with an awareness of financial merit behind them. Of course, we add intrinsic value for being responsible and conservation related matters, but – for most of us it has to make economic sense as well.

Your dollar spent on Energy Efficiency will repay you 5 to 10 times faster than your dollar spent on Production.

Rule #1 – First reduce energy consumption as much as is financial viable. Only then consider options for Energy Production – Solar Electric – PV

Energy Wise LLC is a nationally certified Class 1 Energy Rater.

It really does pay to use a Professional.

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We can remove the hype and present the most cost effective Energy Efficiency improvements that will lower your bills, make your home more comfortable, save you money and help you “go green” positioning you for eventually going “Net Zero” energy.

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